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Thanks for visiting my website. Here you will find information regarding the courses I teach (listed on the tabs above). This site is continuously in development. In other words, I will be updating, revising, adding, deleting information as necessary to enhance the courses.

The website should be viewed often by the students, particularly their course. It will contain much information that the students will find useful on a regular basis, such as:

My goal is to provide assistance to students and families that will benefit the students in their goal of successfully learning the subject matter to, in the least, pass the course, but more importantly, better understand the related topics and make each person a better citizen of the United States and the World.

Beyond the curriculum, the tests and quizzes, homework, and assignments, life is more than the tasks we are asked to do. Life is about the things we want to do, about what we are passionate about. I believe our life is about how we contribute to the greater good, a greater cause. I believe it is as Robin Williams tells us in the movie Dead Poets Society:

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Pages are updated as new content is introduced in class. Currently I am teaching US History and Holocaust, therefore only the US History and Holocaust pages will be updated to reflect my current courses.

I am constantly tweaking the site to add features to assist the visitors and make the information more convenient. If there are any problems with the site, please let me know!

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