Economics Notebook Table of Contents - Semester 1

This page mirrors the table of contents posted in the classroom. Use it to help keep up with your notebook and to stay organized. If there is an item without a page number, it was distributed, collected, and not intended to be in your notebook. While these items are rare, they will happen. The red 'X' mark designates when a document was not assigned or collected for a particular class period. Each assignment name is a link to the document itself that can be downloaded, viewed, and printed.

Handouts for Semester 1
Page Name Period 3
Distributed Collected
1 Table of Contents with Attendance 08/12/21 Not Collected
A Course Overview 08/12/21 Not Collected
B Remind Instructions 08/12/21 Not Collected
C Class Expectations 08/13/21 Not Collected
D Getting Started with Canvas  08/20/21 Not Collected
E Mr. Caggia's Civility Code 08/16/21 Not Collected
F Essential Agreement 08/16/21 Not Collected
G Accountable Talk 08/17/21 Not Collected
H Close Reading   Not Collected
I "A-List" Action Terms   Not Collected
J WAVES Political Cartoon Analysis   Not Collected
K Photo Analysis   Not Collected
L How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)   Not Collected
2 "America Is Not the Greatest Any More" 08/17/21 Not Collected
3 Do You Think Like an Economist & Spanish Version 08/19/21  Not Collected
4 Introduction to Economics (Unit 1 Guide) & Spanish Version 08/19/21 09/09/21
5 The Economic Way of Thinking & Spanish Version 08/19/21 Not Collected
6 Practice with PPCs & Spanish Version 08/30/21 Not Collected
7 Activity 1: Scarcity, Opportunity Costs and Trade-Offs 09/02/21 Not Collected
8 "TINSTAAFL" & Spanish Version 09/03/21 Not Collected
9 Unit 2 Guide & Review & Spanish Version 09/09/21 09/21/21
10 Return to Mocha & Spanish Version 09/10/21 Not Collected
11 Circular Flow Model Guided Notes 09/09/21 09/21/21
12 Evaluating Broad Economic Goals & Spanish Version 09/21/21 Not Collected
13 Primer on Eminent Domain & Spanish Version 09/22/21 Not Collected
14 Unit 3 Guide & Spanish Version 09/24/21 10/08/21
15 Demand PowerPoint Guided Notes & Spanish Version 09/27/21 Not Collected
16 Activity 3: Demand Curves 09/28/21 Not Collected
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