Civics & Economicsby Matthew Caggia

Unit 4B: Political Parties & Influencing Government

Chapters 9 & 11

We now turn our attention to the largest of interest groups: political parties. Encompassing the majority of issues that matter to the people, political parties attempt appease as many people as possible in order to earn the votes of the people in order to control the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House. Important to the politicans is knowing how the people feel about the public issues, and therefore, obtaining accurate data is important to making sure that the members of government can answer the cries of the people.

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Development of Political Parties

This slideshow gives a brief (VERY Brief) history of political parties in the United States.

Role of Political Parties

Demonstrating a wide range of concepts, this slideshow describes the structure of political parties from the national organization down to the grassroots.

Primary Elections

In the United States the election process process when one begins to consider the primary election, general elections, or special election. This presentation attempts to give the basic on the primary process.

Campaign Finance

Presentation to go with section 10.3. Includes a recent history of campaign finance laws from Federal Elections Campaign Act (1971) through Citizens United v. FEC (2010)

Mass Media & Interest Groups

Overview of the roles of the Mass Media and Interest Groups in Politics


Video Link: Annenberg Media -


Political Parties

Campaign Finance

Public Opinion

Mass Media

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