Civics & Economicsby Matthew Caggia

Unit 7: Personal Financial Literacy

Chapter 20

Drawing our attention to the Economics side of the curriculum we begin with what is probably the most important unit: Personal Financial Literacy. One of the biggest problems in our economy is the ignorance that exists among the populace when it comes to their own money (both income and expenditures). In this unit we will learn about personal finance, we will become acquainted budgeting, learn about insurance and the pitfalls of credit.

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    Budgeting and Financial Planning

    Decisions regarding personal finance involve budgeting and knowledge of different types of bank accounts.

    Consumer Protection

    Knowledge is power. It is important for consumers to be safe from faulty products and predatory producers.


    Insurance, a necessary evil - betting against yourself. But who could take a chance not having the protection in case an accident happens?


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