Civics & Economicsby Matthew Caggia

Review Materials

On this page you can find materials to review for the Comprehensive Civics Exam ("Civics-Term" Exam) and the End-of-Course Exam (EOC). Included (top right of this page) is also the links to all the "Success Series" videos that you can use to brush up on the NCSCOS objectives. I will continue to add materials here that will be helpful in review as they are made available to me.

Don't forget, you can use the online textbook resources to help you review as well. There are vocabulary flashcards, videos, and online quizzes that can be beneficial to remembering everything we have done this semester.

Exam day is a day unlike any other. The schedule is different and the expectations are different as well. Always remember, not much beats a good night's sleep before an exam. Keeping your mind fresh and being in the right state of mind can make all the difference in the world. Do not over study and definitely DO NOT "pull an all nighter." An all nighter will never produce better exam results, it will only make you tired and groggy during the test. Remember to relax and remain calm. Have confidence in what you have learned and what you have done during the semester.

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